When I was a kid my grandfather was a preacher, he’d talk about God. Yeah, he was something like a teacher. He said ‘God only helps those who learn to help themselves’, he was a million miles from a million dollars, but you could never spend his wealth. ~ Preacher, One Republic


Character: Eireen Richards

(Based on the character Eireen Sayers from the Tumblr roleplay, Vanishing Stars)

Born into a life of genteel privilege, Eireen was the apple of her parents’ eyes starting from the moment she was born. Raised in a small town by her church-going and strict parents, Eireen grew up well-mannered, soft-spoken — the perfect little lady. Her parents made sure she had everything that she needed. She was enrolled in a good school, introduced to people whom they approved, enrolled in extra classes like music, dancing, art. And with all these, young Eireen was very happy. It wasn’t until she entered adolescence when she started to understand her life a little more. Then she felt like she was being pushed into a lot of things by her parents, into which she had no inclination or liking of. She found that the people she called her friends were really just social climbers, and that her picture-perfect parents weren’t so perfect anymore when she found them fighting one day. She felt like she was such a big sham, and was getting confused on who or what she really was anymore, if she was a puppet controlled by her parents, or just a blank canvas waiting for real life to start painting who she really was. So, one day she started taking matters into her own hands.

When she saw an advertisement in the news of a humanitarian organization looking for volunteers in Africa, she didn’t hesitate to sign up. She never told her parents of course, because although it is charity work, they’ve never permitted her to go out beyond their little town. This little trip was Eireen’s first foray out into the real world outside of their town. One day when her parents were ironically out of town, Eireen grabbed a small suitcase and left town for good. She only left a short note for her parents saying she’s going away and that she assures them she’ll be fine on her own.

Eireen’s journey to Africa was full of wonderment to her, but it was also bewildering to her. When she had stepped foot in the small dusty town in the middle of the African wilds where they were headed, Eireen started panicking. Never had she been far away from home or from anything that made sense to her. She calmed herself a abit and managed to survive for the first few days before she panicked again. She was about to change her mind when Nicholas Blake arrived, and then everything changed.

To her, Nicholas Blake was the most handsome man she had laid her eyes on, and also perhaps the kindest, sweetest and funniest man she’d met so far. With his dashing looks and charming smile, Eireen fell hard and fast for the sweet-talking man who suddenly appeared one day in the small African town.

Never much of a flirt, Eireen would stare longingly at him at a safe distance or would follow him around like a shadow. Nicholas finally noticed her one day and asked her out for a date, much to her delight. There, things went pretty fast. The next thing Eireen knew, Nicholas and her were dating, and then they were making plans for the future. To Eireen, she felt like Nicholas was THE ONE for her, and there was nothing but happiness for her future years to come.

However, one day, Nicholas suddenly changed. Gone was his charming and funny ways. He was suddenly sullen, moody and has sudden flares of temper. Eireen got confused by all of it that she confronted him about him. Nicholas would just shrug her off, leaving her hurt. He then eventually told her that he was in fact engaged to be married for several years now, and his fiancee and his family had been contacting him for some time now to return home. And he told Eireen that he never loved her, and that she was just a fling to him. Eireen, still reeling from what he said, was left speechless and alone in Africa as Nicholas left for home that very day. The next morning, Eireen found herself vomiting severely, and a little test kit confirmed that she was carrying Nicholas’ child. Utterly devastated by the course of latest events, Eireen decided that it as finally time to go home.

Going back to her home town was quite a different experience. She’d been away fro so long that she found out that people have actually forgotten about her and that her parents have become recluses. She expected a warm welcome in her parents’ home, but only a cold shoulder and a shut door instead. And she never even got to tell them she was with child. Resolved that she should stay, Eireen stationed herself back in her hometown but maintained a safe distance between herself and her parents. She found herself a job as a cashier and server in a little cafe. Eventually she saved enough for a tidy little apartment for herself and her son, who was born a few months after she arrived. She named her son Chris, and he looked every bit like Nicholas.

Now, Eireen tried to live every day as normally as possible. Going to work, taking care of her 5-month-old baby, still trying to reach out to her parents, Eireen took it all in strides. She thought that maybe she had moved on from the memory of Nicholas, but every time she looked at Chris, all memories of his father come flooding back. Then she would remember the hurt, the pain, and the confusion, and then she’ll start panicking again. She knew that she blamed herself for not seeing through Nicholas’ facade, for being so naive to the man’s charms. Though she desperately tries to shrug off the image and memories of Nicholas away, he still managed to linger in the corners of her mind. It doesn’t help too that her son, Chris, was growing every day, the split-image of Nicholas. In her moments alone, she often wondered if she’ll ever stop thinking of Nicholas, or of the past, or if the hurt and the pain will ever go away. Because of this, Eireen didn’t look twice now at the men around her, feeling like she’d be too fragile to be in a relationship again. But then, Chris needs a father figure, and she figured that perhaps finding a stable man wouldn’t be too bad, for her son’s future. But then again, will she be strong enough to be with a man again? And will anyone be strong yet careful enough to handle her fragile heart?


Eireen Sayers is portrayed by Karen Gillan and is currently CLOSED for roleplaying.

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